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The Winter is Amazing


Nick Quinn

HI there, Im a professional ski instructor, off piste guide, performance coach and love my job!

My family and I have been living here in the Tarentaise Valley for over 17 years now, enjoying every moment.

My day job is pretty exciting-skiing, developing performance in an off piste environment, traveling the world to find new destinations, and providing safety awareness training. Watching people develop, smile and have fun is fantastic.

We live in the heart of the valley, surrounded by some of Frances best ski resorts. I love capturing photos for friends and clients, giving them lasting memories of incredible days off-piste skiing or backcountry adventures  in my beautiful office.

Check out some of the photos, videos we have and kit reviews we use for our adventures.


This is why we live here! We love this place; it's full of presents!

Kung Fu Pander once said:


The past is history

The future is a mystery 

But the now is a gift

and that is why we call it the present 

A wise panda my daughter would say!

If you would like to know what we are doing in the winter please SUBSCRIBE and we will put you in our free members area where you can get access to courses, technical improvement videos and live chats as well as kit reviews.

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