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Kit Review of Arva EVO 5 Transceiver

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Off piste safety is most important and there is some equipment you must have to stay safe. Transceivers are the life saver. They need to be easy to use under stressful situations and function intuitively.

I decided to post this to highlight how easy this transceiver can be operated. As explained in the video it is straight out of the box and even the plastic battery protector is still on! I feel it shows even someone with no experience can use this, however, it is very important everyone wishing to venture off piste can use this equipment and find a buried transceiver very quickly.

Training with this equipment is essential subscribers will have free access to training videos and free advise from professionals in our team.

Whats in the box?

a transceiver with instructions
what's in the box

If you would like to see a training video how to use this EVO 5 in a simulated environment along with other important information about an avalanche situation, please SUBSCRIBE to our members area where you will have access to this and much more.

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